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We’re experts in providing therapy for children who have speech, language and communication needs ranging from difficulties pronouncing a single sound, through to conditions which may mean they don’t talk at all.

Our caring, professional team has decades of experience working directly with children and their families, as well as in the NHS, in children’s homes, schools, specialist centres, nurseries and hospitals.

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The world of speech and language therapy and our understanding of what affects a child’s ability to communicate is continually evolving, so our training never stops.



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Every one of our highly experienced Speech and Language Therapists undertakes continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure that their knowledge and skills include the latest thinking in the field.

Each member of our team has worked in the NHS and the education sector for many years, so we know what works and how best to help your child communicate better and build their self-esteem.

We use proven speech and language therapy strategies and techniques to build a targeted, bespoke programme for every child. 

We also know that as a parent, you are the ultimate expert in your child’s development, so work in partnership with you to achieve the very best results.