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When you entrust your child’s development to a therapist, you need to be 100% comfortable that they can offer the support you are seeking.

That’s why we spend almost as long getting to understand your concerns, worries and why you’ve come to us as we do assessing your child.

why your child needs expert support

Problems with speaking, communicating or understanding aren’t uncommon, but they can be very worrying if you don’t know how to help your child progress.

Around 7% of children aged around five years old have specific speech and language impairment but, no matter what the underlying cause, all children can see an improvement in their ability to communicate and interact through tailored Speech and Language Therapy.  

At The Expressive Child, we don’t just focus on speaking and language.  We also help build your child’s confidence and self-esteem, so that we can help enhance their enjoyment of life as well as their academic results.

our approach


Our sessions are delivered at our friendly clinic, at home, at your child’s school (with the school’s support) or through interactive online Teletherapy.


When we first assess your child, we look at the impact of their communication, speech or language challenges on their lives and your whole family.


Our aim is to help your child thrive, improving confidence, self-esteem, resilience, social skills and their ability to interact and navigate the world happily.


Parents and families are key to a child’s development, so we want to become part of your Speech and Language Therapy team from the outset.


We put together home resource packs with detailed information for parents to carry out at home.

This is a more affordable option for families and is available for a single week’s worth of therapy or for a six-week block of therapy.

The packs include targets, activities and all of the full-colour resources you need to carry out activities at home.

We include a short call with one of our therapists to talk you through the pack if required.


We run parenting workshops to help you support your child on a range of topics including:

  • Building your child’s resilience
  • Co-operation without conflict
  • Dealing with friendship difficulties
  • Talking about the ‘big issues’
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence
  • Managing stress, anxiety and mood swings.

These workshops are appropriate for all parents, whether your child has a diagnosed speech or language difficulty or not and all are welcome.  Please get in touch to find out how we work with families or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


here to provide


As professional Speech and Language Therapists, our role is to provide therapy that works for your child and your family life. We’re here to help your child thrive in school and at home.

We always begin by understanding how your child’s challenges are affecting you as a parent, and the family as a whole.

We’ll then work out the best way forward together and provide support in our cosy therapy rooms in Walton-on-Thames, at their school or nursery, remotely via teletherapy, or by supporting you to help your child yourself. 

We offer a wide range of parent support, including group workshops with other parents and resource kits which mean you can continue to help your child develop at home.